Modulador HDMI a DVB-T FullHD

Modulador HDMI FullHD

El modulador HDMI permite distribuir la señal de una fuente HDMI por todas las tomas de televisión como si fuera un canal más de TDT.
Este equipo escanea la imagen a 1080p, la comprime en MPEG4 y la modula en COFDM para que la señal pueda distribuirse por el cable coaxial a todas las tomas de la vivienda en Full HD.


•HDMI digital mono DVB-T VHF / UHF.
•Output: FULL HD High Definition Digital Terrestrial Television Signal (DVB-T)
•Full analysis of high definition video signal (1080i at 1080p @ 30fps)
•Signal frequency output of 174 ~ 233 MHz (VHF III) 470 - 858 (470-790 LTE-ON filter), MHz (UHF)
•Output level RF: Factory setting 90 microvolts dB, increased to + 6dbmV (in steps 2dbmV +) or reduced to -14dbmV (in steps -2dbmV)
•LOUD RF input band: 50MHZ ~ 2400MHz.
•Integrated 4G-LTE filter, the ON-OFF. MER more than 35 dB. The rate of 31.668 Mbps in symbol.
•Quick update via USB stick (even less than 15 seconds, depending on file size).
•Storage of configuration data (export file in USB and facilitate the upload to the modulator).
•In tri-CPU / Host: Processor: 200 MHz 32-bit RISC / Security processor: 200 MHz 32-bit / audio processor: 200 MHz 32-bit. RAM: 16-bit DDRII 512Mbitsx1 (embedded) Inflammation: 32Mbit NOR Flash x 1
•Aspect Ratio: 16: 9 widescreen, 4: 3 Letter Box, 4: sideband suppression 3, AFD brackets (DTG, MingDTG).
•The modern LED screen 128x32 points.
•Input: HDMI
•Input: RF
•Output: USB RF port
•Power supply: Input: 100 ~ 240V AC, 12V DC / 2.0A output
•Power consumption in normal mode: <10W
•Dimensions (164x106x41 mm)