MultiBeam Toroidal 90cm Wavefront ORIGINAL-Antena Parabolica

Using a Wavefrontier Toroidal dish, They are designed to reflect signals twice through the main reflector and a sub reflector, forming a focal line created by focal points along the bottom of the main reflector, making Toroidal 90 function as a multi-beam antenna that receives broadcasts & communication satellites at the same time
No LNBs or Wall/Ground mount included.
Perfect for Multi satellite installation for up-to 16 satellites
Much superior to using a motor. Instant satellite changes
T90 has the same effectiveness of 90 cm (38 inches) dish for each LNBF installed.
T90 can accommodate up to 16 LNBFs.
T90 can cover up to 40 degrees in arc (60 degrees in azimuth)
Far superior to a Motorised system as the Satellite switches instantly.
5 LNB holders are included, extra LNB holders are available.

( No se envía a Canarias ya que supera los límites fijados por la agencia de transporte !!)
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Technische Daten

There are many other antennas available on the market that offer multi satellite capabilities for a limited arc range, designed based on a parabolic formula.

The limitation of these multi-beam parabolic antennas comes from its original formula. Only one LNBF, which is installed at the center, is at its optimal position.

In other words, the other LNBFs are not at their optimal position. Therefore, a customer may experience rain fade and weak signal strength on the channels coming off from these not-optimally located LNBFs.

On the other hand, Toroidal formula makes it possible to locate all LNBFs at their optimal position due to its dual reflector design of Toroidal antenna. Therefore, Toroidal antenna provides the same signal strength and stable signal for all LNBFs under various environments.